A Songwriter's Delight

Bar Redux with Alexandra Scott and Alex Bosworth

It's Monday, an absolutely gorgeous day with the sun shining and the wind blowing. My nephew dog Roscoe and I are blissfully sitting on my porch, soaking up the breezes and watching the lizards scurry along the edge before leaping into the rose bush. I spent over 2 weeks earlier this month in Michigan, missing the Mardi Gras hoopla here in New Orleans. I missed it, felt that FOMO raging hard as I perused through my friends' pictures of their Mardi Gras madness. However, nothing could replace the peace and quiet of my parents' place on the hill.

It was the perfect amount of time to soak in some relaxation, and then feel the tinge of responsibility creep in just as I was winding down the time up there. Since being back, I've leapt into action, getting sets ready and learning new songs for a few really fun shows coming up (check out the updated calendar!). The first to kick them off was last night's gig at Bar Redux with local singer songwriters and full-on badasses Alexandra Scott and Alex Bosworth. Let me tell you a few things about these ladies...

Alexandra and I have known each other for... (thinking...thinking...)... upwards of 8 years, if I recall correctly. Our friendship is one of unique quality, in that days/weeks/months can go by and our first moments together return us to the same spot we left at our last parting. I've never laughed so hard as I have with Alexandra, pretending we were rehearsing but really we're coming up with new hilarious and inappropriate songs that we probably should never perform for any one but ourselves. Her songs are incredible, and in the years I've known her, they've never faltered in being able to put an immediate calming effect in my heart. Last night I had the absolute pleasure of hearing her new fabulous songs, one in particular I loved so much, you can see it on my face in that second picture. We also have a few favorite covers we love to sing together, including the Postal Service's (and more specifically, Iron and Wine's cover of the PS's) song "Such Great Heights", which we got to sing last night as well (pictured above). Going into my Sunday evening, I had no idea how much I would enjoy last night's show. It truly was wonderful.

Alex Bosworth I have known much shorter, but boy do I wish I'd known her my whole life. Talk about a songwriter! I absolutely loved every one of her songs, and already have plans to cover them - all. I may even need a guitar lesson or two from her to play them, for which I'll happily pay and giddily practice them every day. To top off the evening, we were joined by our mutual friend, the talented singer Emily Robertson, who joined Alex for one of her originals, a song I was immediately convinced was an Everly Brothers song. Nope, just a knock-out tune by AB! Seriously, I can't speak more highly of all these women, and we were the lucky ones getting to sing and play with each other, with an audience that was so appreciative (thank you!).

In short, I'm jazzed and inspired and completely reminded why and satisfied with the reasons I live here. If you live here, I highly recommend catching both these ladies wherever they play, and you won't have to look hard to find them. If you don't live here, I highly recommend getting down here before it gets too hot to sit outside on an evening by the train tracks and listening to live local music.

As a woman, I'm inspired. As a songwriter, I'm inspired. As a resident of this beautiful city, I'm inspired. As all of the above, I'm ever so thankful.

Now back to the grind, booking for the summer! Michigan - I'm coming back for you... and this time, it'll be with a little less lounging and a little more playing! Summer time, I'm ready for you!

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