Fall-ing Into the Groove


Welcome to the newly renovated website! A bit overdue, ain't it! Better late than never, and I'm happy as a clam for it. I've been back in the Big Sleazy for just over a week now. The weather was nice enough to turn a little more Fall-like once I returned, but there's still the residual humidity left to remind us that we are in fact in the South, regardless of the season. I don't mind it; there will be plenty of time for my favorite Sweater Weather, all in good time. I've resumed lessons with students and very hopeful for the year ahead. I also returned to my weekly night at Circle Bar last Thursday, where I was joined by my friends in Get Up Rounder, and debuted a few new songs. Feels good to be back, I tell ya.

As much as I miss the Michigan winds, this place reminds me why I live here and how there's so much to appreciate. The city stimulates creation and motivation, gives opportunities to experience new things and discover new talents all around you. It's impossible not to feel that here.

So I look optimistically forward as this cool season falls upon us... Never too late for new beginnings, big and small. The recording is still underway and I may be convinced to share a bit of it with you before too long. I'm working on a couple new projects and pieces that I'm hopeful will tie a lot together. What else is there to mention? I'm really just trying my hand at this whole Wix thing to see if I'm smart enough to handle it. Teehee! Next time, I'll try for something more profound and philosophical, and I'll find a really great picture to go with it. ;)

Give yourself a tour of the new crib and let me know what you think! (I think there's a way to contact here... buuuuuut I don't totally know...) Natalie is tip-toeing her way closer to the 21st century, folks! Step right up and see whether she makes it or falls flat on her face!

Onward and upward,


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